"An advanced coal mine that instantly drops 3 coal ores every 4 seconds while still being the same size as a regular coal mine."


The Triple Coal Mine is a Premium-tier mine. As the name suggests, this mine drops 3 coal pieces at a time. Like the coal from the regular Coal Mine, the coal is worth $0, therefore making it nearly useless, other than powering Industrial machines.

Coal Mine's usefulness over time

When first released it was only useful with industrial droppers therefore wasn't widely used. On April 24th 2016 Berezaa released the Industrial Ore Welder making a bit useful for low and high life players with long setups. On October 13th, 2016 Berezaa released Northern Lights, a furnace the requires the power of sparkling coal. This provokes players to used coal ore with schrodingers making the coal mines much more useful


  • This mine is the same size of the regular coal mine, but produces them at the same speed and in a burst of three.
  • This along with the Coal Mine and Spooky Coal Mine are the only droppers that are compatible with Industrial Mines and Upgraders.
  • Even though when clicking on the Triple Coal Mine it says Copy: $400, it's still costs 4uC.
    • This applies to all uC shop items.


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