"An advanced scanner for twitch viewers that adds $1000 to the value of an ore and then quintuples it. Doesn't work with other scanners."


The Twitch Scanner is a Premium-tier item that was released on September 26, 2016. The Twitch Scanner adds $1000 to an ore's value, then it quintuples its value. The Twitch Scanner is the 4th and most powerful of ore scanners. The other three are the Ore Scanner, Advanced Ore Scanner, and Flaming Ore Scanner.

The Twitch Scanner adds $1k to ores then quintuples ore value, and doesn't set ores on fire, making it favorable over the Flaming Ore Scanner. The Twitch Scanner is received by opening a mystery box with a twitch coin with a small chance to obtain it.


  • This is the 5th Twitch item that has been added to the game. View more in the Twitch Item category.
  • This is the smallest out of all the ore scanners in the game and (stat wise) the best.

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