"Sport your twitch fandom with this awesome fancy Twitch security wall."


The Twitch Wall is a Twitch item that was released on May 27th 2016. It can be obtained from Mystery Boxes paired with a Twitch Coin.


  • When the Twitch Wall was first unveiled by Berezaa on May 27th, 2016, all the parts were unanchored EXCEPT for the Twitch icons and the actual wall. This was eventually fixed.
  • In-game the Twitch Wall was an Exotic-tier item, however, it was extremely common. Because of this it was later changed to a Collectible.
  • This wall is usually preferred for catching ores flung by the Ore Cannon due to the outward wedge on the bottom and top slowing down most ores.
  • You can use walls such as this one to protect a Big Bad Blaster, a Dragon Blaster, or the Dragonglass Blaster from harming you or anyone else.