"A high-caliber mine that still functions with cell furnaces. Ores are worth more depending on how many Twitch coins you have."


The Twitchite Mine is an Exotic-tier dropper That was first unveiled on Berezaa's Twitter. This mine can only be obtained by using Twitch Coins to open mystery boxes. The Twitchite Mine was previously known to have increased the ore value by $200M every twitch coin. This has been debunked, and an update also changed the ore value. The most common finding of the mine is from the Inferno Box.


  • This Miner's Haven mine has the highest base ore value potential given that you have lots of Twitch Coins. However, you would need thousands of coins to beat mines with high ore values such as Breech Loader.
  • The way this mine works is similar to The Noobite Mine, Dreamer's Anguish, and the Clovium Mine. All of these items process/produce ores based on how much of a currency you have
  • Without any Twitch Coins, the ore value is $10M-$600M.
  • Similar to Industrial Firecrystal Mine, the number of upgrades the ore has is a random integer value within a range. Twitchite's number of upgrades can be somewhere from 0 to the number of twitch coins a person has, while Industrial Firecrystal Mine's ore has anywhere from 0 to 20 upgrades. This means that having more twitch coins decreases how many ores can be processed by cells. Because of this, it is recommended that you have 0 twitch coins when using this mine with cells.
  • Both the amounts that the minimum and maximum value rise by are multiples of 1/7.

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