"A divine conveyor on par with the Ultimate Sacrifice upgrader."


The Ultimate Conveyor is a Collectible-tier conveyor obtained from performing The Ultimate Sacrifice. The player will receive both the upgrader and 10 of these conveyors. The conveyors match the style of the upgrader, with its brick texture, rainbow conveyor parts, white particles, and the conveyor is three units wide instead of the usual two .


  • This is the only item in Miner's Haven that requires the player to perform a hard task that would normally award the player an Ultimate tier item but does not. This may be due to lack of usefulness compared to the other ultimate-tier items.
  • The item can also be considered a fast alternative to the Wide Conveyor.
  • When in placement mode, the blue highlight beam for this item has a brick texture. The same texture applies to Blind Justice.
  • The speed of this conveyor is actually faster than the speed of the upgrader's conveyor.
  • Despite you losing the Ultimate Sacrifice upgrader when you perform the Second Sacrifice, these will be returned to you when you reach Life S+100.

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