"A loyal undead minion that will attack any enemies that come within it's radius. Does not attack it's owner's ROBLOX friends."


The Undead Guardian is an NPC humanoid whom can be purchased for 250 Unobtainium Crystals. When placed in a user's base, the zombie will attack any players within a certain radius (estimated to be around half of a player's base), excluding the user's ROBLOX friends.

When the Undead Guardian is placed, after about a second of it being placed, it makes the sound of the Happy Mask Salesman's laugh from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.


  • The Undead Guardian will ignore friendship with users that you have added in a friend during the game, meaning you'll have to join a new server for your newly added friend to be safe.
  • Though the "Buy" option under the Undead Guardian's selected state reads $25k, you cannot afford no matter how much money you have. However, you can copy it for 250 uC.


  • You can infuse your Undead Guardian by pushing it into infuser items.
  • There's currently four variations of the Undead Guardian, them being: Undead Santa, Zombie Clown, Adowable Guardian and the Easter Bunny.
  • The Guardian can be used as a test dummy, as it will take friendly fire.
  • The code "brainnssssss" could be used to obtain a free Undead Guardian, though this code is no longer valid as of the Combat Update.
  • The zombie will eat the limbs of its opponents, making retaliation against the Guardian very hard, especially as the Guardian is slightly faster than a regular player. This action will also slow the player.
  • The Zombie Clown makes the exact same sound as the Undead Guardian.
  • This gives the Yummy achievement, when your leg is bitten off by the Undead Guardian.
  • This item has a space after Guardian, reading "OMG!!!!!! [PlayerName] won 1x Undead Guardian !" This is the same with the Adowable Guardian.

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