"Scientists estimate that raw unobtainium ore is worth anywhere from $10 to $500k. Doesn't work on Cell Furnaces."


The Unobtainium Mine is a Premium-tier mine. It doesn't work on Cell Furnaces and gives a random amount of money between $10 and $500k.


  • Like other mines on its level (such as Radium), it does not work on cell furnaces due to it being powerful and easy to obtain.
  • The mine is based on the Miner's Haven premium currency named uC (Unobtainium Crystals), as well as real-life Unobtainium.
  • There was a rumor that the mine gives out Unobtainium Crystals for free, which is not true.
  •  The Radium Mine and the Superunobtainium Mine are the only mines that drop ore worth more than this mine and are purchasable with uC.
  •  "Unobtanium Mine" is spelled incorrectly in the name, and should be "Unobtainium Mine."

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