"A conveyor that moves ores at 2x times the speed but has no walls." (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)
"The Unstable conveyor is a conveyor that has no walls and travels twice as fast as the Basic Conveyor." (OLD DESCRIPTION)


The Unstable Conveyor is a Contraband-tier conveyor that has exactly the same properties and design as the Basic Conveyor except that it is two times faster than a regular conveyor and that it's colored purple.

As of March 27, 2016, this item has been retired from the shop and made Contraband-tier.


  • The Unstable Conveyor emits purple light at night.
  • On March 27, 2016, Berezaa removed this from the shop along with other items in the blue RP shop.
  • What makes this most useful is that it is fast and has no walls, allowing for it to be used in intersections and in corners.
  • It can be purchased from The Masked Man for research points but is not reborn-proof, meaning you will lose it once you rebirth.
  • It is as fast as a Plasma Conveyor.