This page lists all features either in consideration by Berezaa to be implemented to Miner's Haven or simply hinted at.


Save Computer

Main article: Save Computer

The Save Computer is an upcoming device to Miner's Haven, which will allow players to keep reborn-proof items on the base when a player rebirths. (The item itself is not reborn-proof, and its name is not confirmed.)

Reborn Evolutions

Headlined by submission curator OutOfOrderFoxy, evolutions are substantially buffed versions of the Reborn item that evolved. These have been in strong consideration by Berezaa and will possibly be the highlight of a future update. Evolutions would also affect Ultimate-tier items.

A variant of the evolutions, called "reverse evolutions" (often nicknamed "devolutions") is in planning, but it's also unconfirmed by Berezaa.

The current list of planned evolutions can be found here.

Massive September 2017 Update

When Andrew Berezaa moved into San Mateo, California to start his ROBLOX Accelerator program, he announced that Miner's Haven would be the main thing he would be working on during his 2 months there, while also announcing plans of side-projects for his other games; Azure Mines, 2-Player Gun Factory Tycoon Remastered, and War Games. The update will be released on September 19th, and it would be the biggest update to Miner's Haven ever. Below are the proposed/accepted features.


As shown by Berezaa himself on the Berezaa Games Discord, a new GUI made by him is under development, and will essentially combine the inventory, shop, settings, boxes, and gamepass screens into one. The locked shop icons will gain some transparency to show previews of the inaccessible items, as well as having some of its items receiving tags to differentiate them from their counterparts (industrial, infuser, cell furnace, research center, remote, and manual activation). This will essentially replace the GUI made by Repotted_ for the Ultimate Update. It is currently being developed for PC, Mobile Landscape and Mobile Portrait, and might see a release for the XBOX version as well.

For PC Players, the GUI takes up only a third of the screen. GUI increases to half-screen at certain scales and then full-screen at smaller scales. For Mobile, the GUI will always take up the full screen.

Move Feature and New Item Placement Appearance

Also shown by Berezaa on the Berezaa Games Discord, a new moving system is in development, allowing players to re-enter placing mode and move the item if not in the desired position, thus eliminating the hassle of repeatedly pressing the LCLICK+Z combo on a slipup. In addition, the item placement appearance will be modified to feature a neon floor on the item being placed, similar to the "containers" of the item Clockwork. Also, instead of just the hitbox being blue when placing, the entire item is now colored blue, and will flash red when the item cannot be placed, similar to those of a blueprint.

Overhauled Placing Feature

The entire placing feature has been dramatically overhauled, adding new features.

Multi-place has been announced as a brand new feature in early August. It essentially allows the player to drag the item being placed, therefore placing more than one of the selected item. A line is shown when dragging an item to help the player position their placements, but they can go out of their way to drag-place items outside the line.

Players can also switch to another item on the spot, using the Z or C keys.

Retirement of select shop items

Berezaa hinted at the possibility of the retirement of the items Conveyor Corner and Reverse Corner, as these items have no real purpose in the game because they took up more space than necessary.

On the Miner's Haven reddit, it was also revealed on August 13 that the recently-unveiled Emerald Mine will replace the existing Berezium Mine. In an inventory preview, certain shop items weren't present, such as the Crucible Iron Mine and the Iron Excavator.

Save Slots

As stated by Berezaa on his Twitter account which revolves around Miner's Haven News and Announcements, save slots will be introduced on the next big update. It will let you have up to three save slots, each "offering slot-exclusive content and a fresh start."

Very Dark Night Mode

Very Dark Night Mode is coming back. Nighttime will now make you be almost impossible to see anything, without a light source. The flashlight would be also receiving a buff to encourage more players to use it at night.

Favorited Items

A community-requested feature, favorited items will be arriving to Miner's Haven in an update that will be released in around late September of 2017. Using RCLICK, players can place select items into a separate list in which they can later access.

Modded Haven

In late July 2017, Miner's Haven was stolen. There spawned numerous knock-offs using the structure of Miner's Haven as a base, all of them being confirmed by Berezaa to be on their way down with their creators having their accounts deleted by Roblox in the process.

One of them, Modded Haven, had gameplay changes to the original Miner's Haven. A new box, the "Vintage Box", was introduced, as well as the player receiving 1000uC per second. Basic Iron Mines with the Basic Furnace gave broken money, guaranteeing you a True Overlord Device. The boxes were in their "Exotic Day state", containing all the exotics in the process.

It gained traction after YouTuber Lazer1785 uploading a video with Modded Haven being the pinnacle of it. As a result, it outgrew Miner's Haven in terms of concurrent players and would catch Berezaa's attention. Ultimately, despite the outcry of players, it was shut down by Roblox for being a copy of Miner's Haven.

Berezaa acknowledged the fact that Modded Haven was popular to a lot of people, and announced that he might add a Sandbox Mode or a teleporter leading to Modded Haven.

Megaphones + New Shout System

Shouting would no longer take uC, but instead a new currency, megaphones. They can be found in boxes or bought.

Other Features

These are unconfirmed, but are proposed by Berezaa.

Due to an audio track named "Tiki Jungle" that has been uploaded to Berezaa's inventory, it's most likely that the current map would change, due to the season changing to Autumn.

A badge has been uploaded to Miner's Haven, but currently it is unknown what it does, as it is unobtainable.

Private islands would be no longer be "private islands", instead being mini-VIP servers in which players can invite friends over. However, invited friends won't have their base carried over to the host's island, but they can hang out with the host and give advice. The theme for private islands can also be changed, with icy tundras, the classic private island, and (if the host has Planet Mars gamepass from 2016 Black Friday) Mars.

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