This page lists all features either in consideration by Berezaa to be implemented to Miner's Haven or simply hinted at.


Lives skipping cost increase

Due to players easily skipping 20 lives, Berezaa tweeted about planning to increase the price to skip lives. He also planning to increase max skips in a same update.

Modded Haven

In late July 2017, Miner's Haven was stolen. There spawned numerous knock-offs using the structure of Miner's Haven as a base, all of them being confirmed by Berezaa to be on their way down with their creators having their accounts deleted by Roblox in the process.

One of them, Modded Haven, had gameplay changes to the original Miner's Haven. A new box, the "Vintage Box", was introduced, as well as the player receiving 1000uC per second. Basic Iron Mines with the Basic Furnace gave broken money, guaranteeing you a True Overlord Device. The boxes were in their "Exotic Day state", containing all the exotics in the process.

It gained traction after YouTuber Lazer1785 uploading a video with Modded Haven being the pinnacle of it. As a result, it outgrew Miner's Haven in terms of concurrent players and would catch Berezaa's attention. Ultimately, despite the outcry of players, it was shut down by Roblox for being a copy of Miner's Haven.

Berezaa acknowledged the fact that Modded Haven was popular to a lot of people, and announced that he might add a Sandbox Mode or a teleporter leading to Modded Haven.

Enchanted items

Enchanted items are items you obtain by giving reborn, adv. reborn, reborn evolution, vintage, shop, and/or slipstream items to Aefrun the enchant merchant. It is unknown whether this feature will be added or not. Some of the proposed ideas are The Key To Life and Earth Eradication Excavator. Currently, there are proposed ideas of enchant upgraders, furnaces, teleporters, weapons, dropper, and even a wall.

Other Features

These are unconfirmed, but are proposed by Berezaa.

Due to an audio track named "Tiki Jungle" that has been uploaded to Berezaa's inventory, it's most likely that the current map would change, due to the season changing to Autumn.

A badge has been uploaded to Miner's Haven, but currently it is unknown what it does, as it is unobtainable.

Private islands would be no longer be "private islands", instead being mini-VIP servers in which players can invite friends over. However, invited friends won't have their base carried over to the host's island, but they can hang out with the host and give advice. The theme for private islands can also be changed, with icy tundras, the classic private island, and (if the host has Planet Mars gamepass from 2016 Black Friday) Mars.

Berezaa mentioned he would consider adding 'evolutions' of evolutions for common reborns.

Upcoming update:

The upcoming update will include new items, better GUI, and a complete different map to fit in the summer season. There will also be a buy all button when loading a layout.

Third sacrifice

Berezaa said in a stream he might add third sacrifice in the future.