"A board that displays the most important information from the latest Miner's Haven update. Useful to have down on your base at all times."


The Update Board is a Collectible-tier utility item introduced in the Golden Clover Event. The Update Board informs users about new changes in Miner's Haven rather than giving them a GUI explaining the update, once you close out of the GUI you cant get it back.

There were many players that would close out of the update GUI due to impatience and not know what changes were introduced in the update. For newcomers, the Update Board is already placed on the base along with your default setup.

Since the MoTD has been re-instated in Miner’s Haven (with it having the capacity to display the latest item additions with their names and descriptions to Miner’s Haven—something the Update Board’s size is too small of handling) and with the addition of viewing the MoTD a second time after closing it, this item can be considered to be useless. Now, it still shows the current game version, but also advertises the Miner’s Haven Reddit (/r/MinersHaven).