"Uranium may be highly radioactive and generally unsafe, but boy does it make good money on the open market." (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)
"Don't worry, we've managed to reduce the radiation on these ores. They most likely won't hurt anyone." (OLD DESCRIPTION)


The Uranium Mine is an Uncommon-tier mine that new players will find quite useful for their setup.


  • The ore this mine drops is based on the real-life element Uranium, element number #92 and symbol U. Real-life uranium is silvery-white in color and is mildly radioactive, famous for being used in nuclear weapons. Uranium used to be used as a paint cover, making painted objects glow in the dark.
  • A cheap way to make a great amount of cash for new players is to use a lot of Uranium Mines and Cell Incinerators.
  • Its ores are very large for a normal mine.
  • The background of the thumbnail is actually the original map used when Miner's Haven was officially released.