• BowRipper95

    Ideas for Miner's Haven

    January 19, 2017 by BowRipper95

    • Description = "Here is the Laserz-Upgrader! Upgrade ore at x7 his value! And All ore who's pass in this upgrader get burned for 6s and if the fire is not extinguished, the ore is reduced in Ash! Can be used 3 times!
    • Effect = Multiplie ore at x7 his value.
    • EffectCap = Ore that pass in the upgrader get burned for 6s and after thoses seconds the ores is burned in Ash.
    • Source = Rebirth (Life 70+)
    • Tier = Reborn

    • Description = This Dark and Great Furnace is a lie, Everyone say that, but is not... This Monstruous furnace process ore at x100 its value the night... The day, this furnace process ores at x125 its value! If one day you have this... I can name you a god...
    • Effect = Process ore at x100 is value the night and at x125 is value the day.
    • EffectCap …

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