Laserz Upgrader

  • Description = "Here is the Laserz-Upgrader! Upgrade ore at x7 his value! And All ore who's pass in this upgrader get burned for 6s and if the fire is not extinguished, the ore is reduced in Ash! Can be used 3 times!
  • Effect = Multiplie ore at x7 his value.
  • EffectCap = Ore that pass in the upgrader get burned for 6s and after thoses seconds the ores is burned in Ash.
  • Source = Rebirth (Life 70+)
  • Tier = Reborn

The Eclipse

  • Description = This Dark and Great Furnace is a lie, Everyone say that, but is not... This Monstruous furnace process ore at x100 its value the night... The day, this furnace process ores at x125 its value! If one day you have this... I can name you a god...
  • Effect = Process ore at x100 is value the night and at x125 is value the day.
  • EffectCap = Process ore at x50 if the ore dont worth more than 10qn
  • Source = Rebirth (Life 1000+) (Ultra Rare)
  • Tier = Ultimate

Ancient Overlord Device

  • Description = This Upgrader is for reward people who get more than one Septentrigintillion.
  • Effect = Multiplies ore at x1000 his value.
  • EffectCap = Dont work if used twice without a tesla resetter, Dont work if a True overlord device is used before.
  • Source = Rebirthing while having more than 1SpTG (Septentrigintillion).
  • Tier = Ultimate

Ore Atomiser

  • Description = A Upgrader used to transform ore into his Atom form, Sience! This Upgrader Triple the ore value up to one Quinquadecillion.
  • Effect = Triples ore value to a Quinquadecillion.
  • EffectCap = Can be used unlimited times until the ore worth 1qnD
  • Source = Shop
  • BuyValue = 347 NvD
  • SellValue = 567 OcD
  • Tier = Godlike

The Forgetten One

  • Description = This Upgrader is Forgetten by Anyone... Maybe because is a Pirate Upgrader?... Who know?... This Upgrader Multiplie the ore value based on how munch money do you have...
  • Effect = Multiplies Ore Value x5, x10, x20, x30 or x40 Depended of Your Money. (View Note)
  • EffectCap = Can be Used Once.
  • Source = Mystery Boxes.
  • Tier = Vintage
  • Note = Multiplies x40 The Ore value if you have less than 999T of Money, Multiples x30 the ore value if you have between 1qd and 999sx, Multiplies x20 the ore value if you have between 1sp and 999N, Multiples x10 the ore value if you have between 1de and 999qnD and multiples x5 the ore value if you have more than 1sxD.

Waterfall Upgrader

  • Description = An Cool Upgrader that are Syncronised with the nature! This Upgrader is a Mountain with an awesome Waterfall that can extinguish ore in fire! Multiplies x13 the ore value.
  • Effect = Multiplies x13 the ore value of any ore that pass througt.
  • EffectCap = Can be used Twice.
  • Source = The Masked Man
  • BuyValue = 546k RP
  • Tier = Contraband (Reborn Proof)

Afterbirth Items

Hardened Clockwork

  • Description = This Fine-Point Upgrader is like the Clockwork but more powerfull and more beautifull. Upgrade any Ore that pass througt at x16 is value. If the ore pass in the upgrade-Point...
  • Effect = Multiplies x16 the ore value of any ore that pass througt the Upgrader-Point.
  • EffectCap = Can be Used Once.
  • Source = Afterbirthing (Life +200)
  • Tier = RebornEX / Afterborn / Reborn+ (Don't found a name for the Afterbirth items Tiers)

Catalystic Cleaner

  • Description = After the Hacking, The Cataclysm? This Ore Cleaner is out of the Hell! Very Hot touch... Like VERY. This Cleaner Nonuple the ore Value (x9).
  • Effect = Multiplies x9 the ore value of ore that pass througt.
  • EffectCap = Can be used once.
  • Source = Afterbirthing (Life 100+)
  • Tier RebornEX / Afterborn / Reborn+

Hell Spore

  • Description = This Modificated version of the Wild Spore sets the Ores Contaminated with Fire Spores, But the Ore Don't Burn... Really Strange...
  • Effect = Multiples x4, x8, x12, x16 or x32 depending of the ore.
  • EffectCap = Set Ores in "Spirit" Fire (Fire that don't burn ores) and Can be used Unlimited Time or Once (Depending of the Ore).
  • Source = Afterbirthing (Life 250+)
  • Tier = RebornEX / Afterborn / Reborn+

Azure Miner

  • Description = This Dimensional Mine Create a portal under the World for Extracting the Legendary Ore of a another dimension called Azure Mines. This Ore worth too munch money so this cant be used in cell furnaces...
  • Effect = Drops Azure Every 2 Seconds.
  • EffectCap = Cant be used on cell furnaces.
  • OreValue = 100B to 1,23T
  • Source = Afterbirthing (Life 300+)
  • Tier = Slipstream (Is the name of the new tier?)

Astral Redeemer

  • Description = This Upgrader is very weird... Because the more the ore is upgraded in the next 2 to 20 minutes, The big gonna be the multipier. " Waiting is the best thing with this upgrader".
  • Effect = Multiplies the ore value x the numbers of time the ore has been upgraded in a delay between 2 and 20 Minutes.
  • EffectCap = Can be used once without a Tesla Resetter and the maximum multiplier is x50.
  • Source = Afterbirthing (life 100+)
  • Tier = Fusion Reborn

Things in the Game (Crates,Memes,Tiers...)


Rusted Crates

•This Crate are Dropped ONLY the Day with a low chance (Between Purple and Diamond Crates) of Spawning, The color of the crate is like the Rusted Wall Texture/Color but a little more dark. The Rusted Crate are little than the Purple One but bigger than the Shadow one. Thoses Crates give Rusted Boxes that contain Every Vintages of the Game (Can contain Vintage that are removed of the game/Can contain Seasonal Vintage ot Special Vintage) and Can Contain some Shop items and Premium Items. The Rusted Crate Can also give RP (Between 5k and 20k) or Lucky Covers. And the last thing is that crate can also give money based on what did you have.

Twitch Crates

•This Crate are dropped ONLY when Berezza is doing a live on twitch, The rarity of those change depending on how many people are watching the Berezza's Twitch Live (The more we are watching, the less those crates are rare). They are Light-Purple and have a Twitch icon instead of the basic one. Twitch Crates give often Twitch Coins (Between 2 to 4 depending on how many people watch the live too (The more are watching, the more chance of getting more Twitch Coins)) , give rarely boxes and Give Between 1k and 30k RP.

Tropical Crates

•The Tropical Crate can spawn everytime but spawn ONLY next to the Water and the 3 Islands. Tropical Crates are Very Rare (little more rare than the Diamond Crate) and have a green-blue color with a entire star icon instead of the basic one. They are Big Like a Gold Crate but a little less, Those Shine the night and are very Transparent the day. Tropical Crates give Tropical Boxes, 30k to 80kRP and rare time a lucky cover when you open one. Tropical Boxes contain ALL Exotics of the game (Removed,Seasonal...) , Most Uncommon Items and Premium Items, The chance of getting an exotic in one of those boxes is like the others Boxes (More Likely An Regular/ Uncommon one).

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