Okay, so I've been playing this game for ages, and over multiple accounts have hit genesis 15 times. I've noticed all the methods, and I believe I have a good enough understanding to help you rebirth quickly.


Life 1-5

Life 1

121255b68e4075ce1666ae469c04035a.png How to set up the freon so all ore hits the beam

On your first life, you'll have no reborn items. Which sucks. I'm going to begin by assuming you're at the hundred-trillions, and want to prepare to rebirth (if you're not at the hundred trillions, go to my blog on how to get there [not made yet, will create soon]). Have the setup for trillions, which is 3 cursed, 25 freon-blast, and 30 portable. Inbetween your portables, make sure to have 24 nuclear conveyors. These will replicate your schrodingers (2 conveyors/schrodinger). Use teleporters if you want, but they're somewhat glitchy and I prefer using basic conveyor around the corner and plasma in the middle bit, with walls around the outside. Remember to put 5 advanced ore scanners and a ramp leading to a replicator at the end. Once you get enough, replace 2 nuclear conveyors with a schrodinger. Repeat until you have 12 schrodingers. By then you should be getting about 1 ore per minute, which is normal. Upgrade your furnace and scanners when you can, and then it's just a matter of waiting until the schrodingers bring you a lucky 25Qn ore.

Life 2, 3 & 4

The second, third and fourth life will be easier in all ways, since you'll get a reborn item.

  • Frozen Justice: Place a flamethrower in front of the furnace and it's better than a Shrine of Pentinence (if you don't have enough uC for a flamethrower, wait until you do to use this furnace).
  • Nature's Grip: Use painite and place over NG to get into Low Quadrillions quickly.
  • Quantum Ore Cleaner: Place it before your replicator.
  • Massive Diamond Mine: Place over a cell furnace.
  • Industrial Firecrystal Mine: Place over a cell furnace - Very effective. Some ores fail to work, however.

Always, always, ALWAYS put industrial firecrystal over a sacrificial cell when possible! It's incredibly overpowered, and will last you to Life 5.

Life 5 and beyond

Your fifth life is the most important, as it introduces you to most of the best reborn items in the game. At this stage, you will have a good grasp of the game and shouldn't need this blog's help anymore. If you're still stuck, comment on the blog!

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