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  • I live in The Badlands
  • My occupation is getting sugar-high
  • I am Male
  • Da F2P Scout

    So on this wikia's discord, I was acused of stealing a person named Nati's name. My discord name is "N1ch0l2s" and it has been that way  for a very long time. Several immature things happened about it. I was being threatened by the discord's buereaucat "KingTFR" to get banned for not changing my name. So much nonsense happened later and my nickname kept being changed to immature things like "1x1x1" or "SPAGHETTI" or even "IMPASTA." After it happened too much, I had to leave the discord. I couldn't do anything. I even asked KingTFR to stop, in quite a kind way, and immaturely enough, he said "nu." He even declined the fact that I had the right to leave the discord.

    Something has to be done about this

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  • Da F2P Scout

    You have lost connection to the game

    I very much want to know why this happens. All I want to do is play Miner's Haven, and 5 or so minutes in, everything freezes then I lose connection. This may not be the place to fix it, but please help me.

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