• GBTM101

    Rebirth Log

    July 23, 2016 by GBTM101

    This will chronicle my rebirths and all the items I get as a result of them.

    Rebirth 01: Nature's Grip

    Rebirth 02: Industrial Firecrystal Mine

    Rebirth 03: Azure Refiner

    Rebirth 04: Industrial Firecrystal Mine

    Rebirth 05: Yunium Mine

    Rebirth 06: Industrial Firecrystal Mine

    Rebirth 07: Tesla Resetter

    Rebirth 08: Dreamer's Fright

    Rebirth 09: Big Bad Blaster

    Rebirth 10: Yunium Mine

    Rebirth 11: Lightningbolt Refiner

    Rebirth 12: Tesla Resetter

    Rebirth 13: Frozen Justice

    Rebirth 14: Nature's Grip

    Rebirth 15: Wild Spore

    Rebirth 16: Newtonium Mine

    Rebirth 17: Flaming Schrodinger

    Rebirth 18: Wild Spore

    Rebirth 19: Tesla Resetter

    Rebirth 20: Dark Magic

    Rebirth 21: Frozen Justice

    Rebirth 22: Azure Refiner

    Rebirth 23: Dreamer's Fright

    Rebirth 24: Quantum Ore Cleaner

    Rebirth 25…

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