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  • I live in Stuff
  • I was born on October 18
  • My occupation is Play Computer ALL day and Play roblox Either :P
  • I am there is only 2 genders
  • Jarrettedge

    If Mines can Talk

    April 9, 2017 by Jarrettedge

    Basic Iron Mine:Where am i?

    Silver Mine:Were at the Map Dude.

    Basic Iron Mine:Oh... So where is Anybody?

    Silver Mine:This player has a 1st Life!

    Basic Iron Mine:Awww. So i need to meet Anyone.

    Silver Mine:So do you job and then The Player Buys a Gold Mine!

    Basic Iron Mine:Okay!

    (So the Player bought Gold Mine)

    Gold Mine:Wow! a Map!

    Basic Iron Mine:Yup, we are.

    Player:Should these Mines Do the Jobs?!?!

    All Mines:Ok!!

    (The mines does the Jobs Fastly that the Player Bought the Large Point Upgrader)


    Basic Iron Mine:What Now?

    Gold Mine:We Continue the Jobs..

    (Jobs Later)

    Diamond Mine:Hello Mines.

    All mines Expect Diamond Mine:Woah! Who are you?

    Diamond Mine:Im Diamond Mine, and i was a Poorly Cashed, So Idk.

    Player:Its getting Boring, I'll quit This…

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