Season 1 (The Beggining)

Basic Iron Mine:Where am i?

Silver Mine:Were at the Map Dude.

Basic Iron Mine:Oh... So where is Anybody?

Silver Mine:This player has a 1st Life!

Basic Iron Mine:Awww. So i need to meet Anyone.

Silver Mine:So do you job and then The Player Buys a Gold Mine!

Basic Iron Mine:Okay!

(So the Player bought Gold Mine)

Gold Mine:Wow! a Map!

Basic Iron Mine:Yup, we are.

Player:Should these Mines Do the Jobs?!?!

All Mines:Ok!!

(The mines does the Jobs Fastly that the Player Bought the Large Point Upgrader)


Basic Iron Mine:What Now?

Gold Mine:We Continue the Jobs..

(Jobs Later)

Diamond Mine:Hello Mines.

All mines Expect Diamond Mine:Woah! Who are you?

Diamond Mine:Im Diamond Mine, and i was a Poorly Cashed, So Idk.

Player:Its getting Boring, I'll quit This game...

(Player has Left the Server)

All mines:Oh no...

Diamond Mine:Now What?

Basic Iron mine and Silver Mine:I dont Know what we do...

Gold Mine:I have an idea, So We get Some mines at the Box.

Silver Mine:Okay!

(Some Mines Finded box in 6 Hours)

Silver Mine:So what Now?

Diamond Mine:We can Spin.

All Mines Expect Diamond Mine:Yay!

(The Mines Spun for Mines and Vintage and Exotic Mines)

All Mines Expect Diamond Mine and Noobite Mine:So, Now what?

Diamond Mine:We should work for a Reborn.

Season 2 (The Great Reborn)

Noobite Mine:s0 Wh3rs teh s3t0fff??

Diamond Mine:Dont Worry Noobite, Ill buy One of the Setup Items

All items Expect Diamond Mine:Yay!

Diamond Mine:Lets place it then.

(Placing the Setup items Later.)

Diamond Mine:Okay Painites, Start you job!

4 Painite Mines:Okay!

Iron Mine:So i will Watch the Money until 25 Quintillion.

Gold mine:Ill be Patient.

(Berezium Mine was asleep)

Iron Mine:Almost!

Diamond Mine:Im Hyped!!

Platanium Mine:I need to Wait but Im getting Tired.

("25 QN")

All Mines:YAS!!!

Diamond Mine:Time to Reborn!

(Reborns Into 2nd Life with a Massive Diamond Mine)

Massive Diamond Mine:Huh?

Iron Mine:You here!

Massive Diamond Mine:Hi!

Iron Mine:Where did Everybody go?

Massive Diamond Mine:its Dissapeared!

Iron Mine:Oh crap, Well, Mines.

All Mines expect iron Mine:What?

Iron Mine:Lets get Jobs to get the Seccond Life and then Well Get something Okay?

All Mines Expect Iron Mine:Okay.

(Jobs later at 10Qd)

Iron Mine:Getting to 25 Qn.

Season 3 (The 100th Life)


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