Just throwing this information here to show any friends having trouble with moving past the initiol trillions mark. A little background on this, I created a spreadsheet to calculate every percentage from every piece of gear and had the sheet track max upgrades. This allows me to select devices in any order and give me information such as when Way-Up-High Upgraders hit the 4 million mark. It also allows me to add things in such as Cursed Ore Purifiers, new furnaces, etc.

This is just a simple order of operations to know the order and amount of upgraders to get Painite Ore to it's greatest value. The end will also include additions of Orbitable Upgraders, Flaming Ore Scanners, and the preimium Professional Upgraders (which is my most recomended thing to buy with uC). As well, at the end, the introduction of Schrodinger Evaluators will be suggested to break the Qn mark.

To begin with, you should already have a few Painite Mines. If you only have the blue teleporter set, save that for later for the Schrodinger Evaluators, it will make life easier. With a vanilla Max Ore you'll end up needing 4-6 Painite Mines, this number varies depending on server load and lag.

Setp 1: Limited Ore Upgrading

1. The first thing we'll do is put it trough Way-Up-High Upgraders, 18 of them. This will begin the process of increasing the value.

2. Next we'll be going through 3 Ore Zappers. This will bring each ore up to 10.3M,

3. Add 5 Digital Ore Cleaners. They have a max of $100M and the last one will output an ore value of $104M.

  • A little tip for speed. You can put a Nuclear Conveyor in front of each Digital Ore Cleaner. The inertia of the conveyor will rush ore half way through the upgrader, saves about 2 seconds total reducing clogging chances.

4. You're going to want 5 Freon-Blast Upgraders. You may need to leave space for them and add them after since their are in the trillions.

  • They have a max of $500M. With 5, your total coming out is $672M.
  • When you add the 3 Cursed Ore Purifiers you can drop to 4 Freon-Blast Upgraders. It will bring your output total at this point up to $704M.
  • If you do not have the premium teleporters leave a gap of about 8-9 squares. These will be fitted with Schrodinger Evaluators later on when you are going to do the final steps to relife.

Step 2: Upper Ore Upgrading

1. 30 Portable Ore Advancers. Try to keep these tight since they do take a lot of space. With everything from step 1 ore will leave here at $3.04B.

2. At this point you will add 4 Professional Upgraders and 3 Orbitable Upgraders if you have them.

  • Adding the  Professional Upgraders will output $5.93B blocks. The total at the end increases to $249B from $170B.
  • You may not have enough to add the Orbitable Upgraders right away. You can put them anywhere in step 2 whenever you can.

3. Advanced Ore Scanner. I use 3, just to make sure. This will output your ore at $12B.

4. Ore Replicator. Simply use a Large Conveyor Ramp and overlap the the ramp from the side with the Ore Replicator.

5. Industrial Ore Welder with 5+ coal drops. Ore becomes worth $24B.

  • This is a really good use for the Triple Coal Mine, two of them with a single Coal Mine will run this even when sitting at a high ore limit.

6. Sacrificial Altar, once you can buy it. Using this will push the ore up to $170B. Giving you around $340B per second.

  • At the lowest build type, this 'should' should bring in a Qn every 50 minutes or so.
  • At max build, all listed below, each block should pull in $435B ($870B p/s) and grant 1Qn every 20 minutes.

Max Build Options for $870B p/s

For the max build I used to relife my first time on day 2 (can be done on day 1) you'll need to do have the following, all mentioned above.

Onward to Relife

One great thing about this build is how easy it is to move on to the common relife stage. In fact, you don't really need to change much at all. You'll be adding 13 Schrodinger Evaluators, and you can add them one at a time. Some places suggest anywhere from 12-16; I find 13 gives me the best output and quickest 25Qn.

You want to put these between Step 1 and Step 2.

  • The reason is you want to hit the original max upgrades before Schrodinger Evaluator adds the possible x5 bonuses, but you don't want to waste time with the Step 2 upgrades until you know the ore survives the Schrodinger Evaluators.

The simplest way to do this is to put them between the  Freon-Blast Upgraders and the Portable Ore Advancers I mentioned at the very end of Part 1. Squeeze em all in there. If you have the preimium teleporters, it's easier to just set up a teleporter at the end of Step 1 to the Schrodinger Evaluator line then one back to the beginning of Step 2.

Once you have those added you'll notice very few blocks make it, those that do will be worth anywhere between 100K and 3.6-ish Qn. If the Qn ones hit the Ore Replicator double that number.

While you wait, go collect boxes, this will help you unlock the Professional Upgraders and the other Teleporters if your set on not spending a few Robux on the game. I will say the Robux are well spent to support a great tycoon game by a great Dev.

Recap and order of Max build

These numbers only work if you have everything. Professional Upgraders can be omited and causes a loss of $138B per ore.

Hope this helps anyone I direct this to. I know it's a bit wordy, but I prefer conciseness over questions.

I've used this with a few rebirth items as well, if you have any and can't figure out where to put them, feel free to drop a message here.

For those curious, here is a screenshot of the spreadsheet: