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  • KingVehk

    "Excuse the fact that I'm WAY too into Miner's Haven"


    1. Route One. "The Spray and Pray method"
    2. Route Two "The Up the Tree method"
    3. Route Three "The Direct Method"
    4. 1e+12

    Ok, first off there is a page called the Miner's Haven Calculator, where you can download something onto your computer and it will do all this stuff for you.

    But knowing me, i hate downloading stuff onto my computer gradually making it slower. So, I'm here to show you exactly how to calculate the minimal conveyor time you can get while maximizing your ore value, all on any calculator.

    Now sometines you get Varing Ore Values. Suxch as Atomium, things like $3.5B-25B. In that case, use the Lowest possible ore value If you do the average, or the highest, then any ore value…

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  • KingVehk

    Ok, so i got this idea while browsing over a commentary on the Scorpium Mine. Don't ask.

    So basically, i'm going to go, 1 - 35 (The Great Parasite, Rightous Will, and overlords excluded) and tell how I worth each item. Afterward, you can write your own. I will go by category, becuase its had to rate Droppers and Furncases :P I don't have a huge iea on how to carry this though but who cares.


    1. Atomium
    2. Symetrium
    3. Newtonium
    4. Yunium
    5. Scorpium
    6. Industrial Firecrystal Mine
    7. Massive Diamond Mine

    Upgraders: (Overlords Excluded)

    1. Big Bertha
    2. Tesla Restter
    3. Morning Star
    4. Dragon Blaster
    5. Gate of Eclipse
    6. BBB
    7. Flaming Schrondiger
    8. Clockwork
    9. Catalyst
    10. Quantium
    11. Azure Refiner
    12. ORe Illuminator
    13. Lightning Bolt 
    14. Wild Spore
    15. Astral Predictor
    16. Ancient Temple


    1. Eternal Journe
    2. Dark Magic
    3. Sag…
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