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  • Kunostheagreat

    now im at  life 35, with the new winter heart!

    i bought it with uC, but i dont care i still got an exotic!

    uc199  ~110 (i got up to 900+ and bought it)

    life : around 29 > 35

    vintages 2 >2

    exotics 0 > 1 (ye boiiiiiiiiii)

    im back guys dont bully me!!!!!!

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  • Kunostheagreat

    long story short im at life 29

    thanks to yunium

    no vintages/exotics tho

    ill post major changes when i can


    uc ~260 > 199 (superunobtanium mine sux)

    life : around 11 > 29

    vintages 2 >2

    exotics 0 > 0

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  • Kunostheagreat

    ok, first off i rebirthed twice (lightningbolt and tesla)

    now onto the good stuff!

    i got an adowable guardian!

    my second vintage!

    gotta unbox em all

    also abandon you family to unbox thousands of crates in hope of getting a noobite mine or sunken past

    life 8 > life 10

    money idc > 200 qd

    vintages 1 > 2 :O

    exotics 0 > 0


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  • Kunostheagreat

    Not really that much happened, i rebirthed 2 times, catalyst and natures grip

    got an undead guardian

    y'know miners haven stuff

    also im saving up for the outdoors update!

    (i want that eksohtick)

    Life 6 > Life 8 :OOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Money 14 qd > 350 qd!

    Vintages 1 > 1

    exotics 0 > 0

    Uc 93 > TWO HUNDRED

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  • Kunostheagreat

    ok theres a lot to cover now that i kind didnt specify a date and stuff

    first off i rebirthed! about time. though it was a giant diamond mine

    but that wont upset my mood since im quickly back on my feet and now i have a new, powerful mine at my disposal

    the basic iron mine

    just kidding!!!!! i got a NOOBITE MINE aw yeah u jelly?????

    sure its not the most powerful mine ever or stuff like that

    but remote ambrosia isnt supposed to be gotten early game

    so yeah, bossfights5lyfe singing out! you can see my progress in the comments!

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