• Omi9000

    Ok here are the items price's in order

    The Ultimate nightmare - 1uc

    Dark converyor - 1uc

    Darkness wall - 1uc

    Dark Fire crystal mine - 2uc

    Massive dark matter mine - 5uc

    Dark matter wall - 2uc

    Dreadful cell - 4uc

    Dark zombie - 3uc

    The Haunted gate - 5uc

    Darkness tree - 4uc

    NOTE: All items are premium and cheap.

    Here are ore values

    Dark Firecrystal - 100OcTG

    Massive dark matter - 900OcTG

    NOTE: WHOA! Dark firecrystal ore and Massive dark matter are the most values.

    Here are effects of items.

    The haunted gate - Multiplies by 900OcTG

    The Ultimate nightmare - Processes ores at x9OcTG it's value

    Dreadful cell - Processes ores at x9OcTG it's value

    NOTE: Both The Ultimate nighmare and dreadful cell can process ores at x9OcTG it's value. And this one's The Haunted gateā€¦

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  • Omi9000

    I am very Happy be cause i made 3 new items for Holiday 2016 but whatever the new year's eve is coming.

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  • Omi9000


    November 15, 2016 by Omi9000

    I made those new items for upcomming Holiday 2016 update for miner's haven.

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