Ok here are the items price's in order

The Ultimate nightmare - 1uc

Dark converyor - 1uc

Darkness wall - 1uc

Dark Fire crystal mine - 2uc

Massive dark matter mine - 5uc

Dark matter wall - 2uc

Dreadful cell - 4uc

Dark zombie - 3uc

The Haunted gate - 5uc

Darkness tree - 4uc

NOTE: All items are premium and cheap.

Here are ore values

Dark Firecrystal - 100OcTG

Massive dark matter - 900OcTG

NOTE: WHOA! Dark firecrystal ore and Massive dark matter are the most values.

Here are effects of items.

The haunted gate - Multiplies by 900OcTG

The Ultimate nightmare - Processes ores at x9OcTG it's value

Dreadful cell - Processes ores at x9OcTG it's value

NOTE: Both The Ultimate nighmare and dreadful cell can process ores at x9OcTG it's value. And this one's The Haunted gate multiples by 900OcTG.

Dark Zombie - Runs faster, chases them, and Kills nearby player with an explosion.

Here's the fastest conveyor is Dark conveyor which is conveyor speed is 2000% faster than hevenly conveyor.

NOTE These coneyors and ore upgraders are the fastest. Also Dark Zombie is the fastest and the deadliest zombie ever that explodes by killing the player.

And now this Darkness crate and the items will be added in holiday 2016 update.

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