Ox Rookbane

aka ~SYS

  • I live in Ohio
  • I was born on August 12
  • My occupation is Student/Author/Language Enthusiast/Photographer/Guitarist
  • I am Male
  • Ox Rookbane

    Today I was born into my 4th life. I am currently pre-genesis by obvious reasons (read last sentence...), and there is quite a problem... All my 3 Reborns have rewarded me with Quantum Ore Cleaners. As many know, only one can be used one ores unless you have a Tesla Resetter.

    My friend complained about being born into his 4th life and all he had received were Industrial Firecrystal Mines. He's now on his 6th life the last time I checked up on him (past genesis) and it still seems that he has only firecrystals.

    Before you reach Genesis, you are restricted to what reborn items you can get because some are powerful (Take Newtonium Mine for example; it's a Genesis-Exclusive and powerful) or others are just restricted. Thus, there are such not m…

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