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  • ScarceBit

    Since berezaa hasn't updated the gamepasses, I might as well insert my suggestion-descriptions for the artifatcs, even though berezaa will not check this.

    The metal crate was finally busted through. Inside were 3 Tiny Iron Mines. A pathetic treasure for something big.

    On Mars, Matt Damon discovered something interesting. He met a martian that posseses a gravity coil, but will only let one use it if he allows the martian to crash-land on your base.

    Deep in the nebula, scientists salvaged two mysterious items. One appears to function like an Ore Pulsar and the other a Teleporter Reciever, but somehow they both are directly connected. The scientists are entrusting you with this piece of mystery.

    You might as well add your custom descriptions in t…

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  • ScarceBit

    Did the infoboxes disappear?

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  • ScarceBit


    November 25, 2016 by ScarceBit

    Bought $30 worth of iTunes cards

    blew them all in one minute on robux

    someone get me a financial advisor

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  • ScarceBit


    November 12, 2016 by ScarceBit

    So recently unregistered users are making edits to articles. Usually most of them are great contributers, but some of them just tend to vandalize pages and create spam in chats. As a wikia, we tend to not tolerate that.

    So I've decided to propose a new rule.

    Make it so only registered users could edit articles and post comments. That way we can identify whoever fabricated a page vandalism, undo it, then punish the user for doing so. I mean we already can block unregistered users by IP, but many vandals escape undetected.

    Some wikias out there have already implemented this rule, and it seems to be working in reducing vandalism on pages. Admins if you're reading this, please take this into consideration and notify me if you approve or disapprov…

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