Since berezaa hasn't updated the gamepasses, I might as well insert my suggestion-descriptions for the artifatcs, even though berezaa will not check this.

Giant Crate

The metal crate was finally busted through. Inside were 3 Tiny Iron Mines. A pathetic treasure for something big.

The Planet Mars

On Mars, Matt Damon discovered something interesting. He met a martian that posseses a gravity coil, but will only let one use it if he allows the martian to crash-land on your base.

Pocket Nebula

Deep in the nebula, scientists salvaged two mysterious items. One appears to function like an Ore Pulsar and the other a Teleporter Reciever, but somehow they both are directly connected. The scientists are entrusting you with this piece of mystery.

You might as well add your custom descriptions in the comments.

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