• ShirazEpic

    I'm Triggered

    December 19, 2016 by ShirazEpic

    Just to make this clear: This Sh*tpost is just me venting my rage. If you're not allowed to see swearing and crap, I reccomend you go away from this post because this is just a teenager raging like an angry 12 year old. 

    Please don't ban me from this wiki for publicly sharing my triggeredness.

    So I wish berezaa goes to hell right now but then I don't really mean it.

    Let's just say I've spent well over $100 WORTH of robux (I didn't actually spend 100$ on it) on Miner's Haven and only have 13 vintages and 1 exotic, while this free-to-play life 10 has like 20 vintages and 12 exotics.

    Ok...just...let me vent.

    Berezaa you're an asshole who rigs bullshit into your popular game. I've spent well over 10,000 robux on your crappy game and have less *good…

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