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  • Spicydankmemer

    Meme Inside Blog!

    December 26, 2016 by Spicydankmemer

    I'm supposed to be playing Miners Haven but this one person keeps stealing my ore.

    Is it TheMiner27?

    Yeah TheMiner27.

    Whos TheMiner27?

    Some say he was the first ever MH player.

    Born from ore.

    Some say he can proccess ore faster than a Heavenly Conveyer.

    I'm supposed to be editing The MH Wikia but someone keeps stealing my ideas.

    Is it TheEdit27?

    Yeah TheEdit27.

    Whos TheEdit27?

    Some say he was the first ever MH editor.

    Born from edits.

    Some say he can edit pages faster than a bot.

    Im supposed to be posting memes but this person keeps stealing my memes.

    Is it TheMeme27?

    Yeah TheMeme27.

    Whos TheMeme27?

    Some say he was the first person to post a meme.

    Born from memes.

    Some say he can post memes faster than Sanic.

    Im supposed to be hacking but this hacker hacks my …

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  • Spicydankmemer


    December 22, 2016 by Spicydankmemer


    So this is the Meme Thread.

    This is also a game.

    You have to pick a random meme and say it, then someone has the post the picture of the meme.

    If they get the meme correct, they get to go next!

    By the way, no cheating by going "I answered it first!" and editing your placeholder comment to get the answer.

    If you do, I will kick you from the thread.

    You guys have 12 hour limit.

    I'll start:

    "stop your doing me a frighten"

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  • Spicydankmemer

    Even thought I barely have any friend here due to...stuff....

    I am most likely gonna quit this wikia if I have to deal with 1 more fricking post.

    1 more.

    I'm tired of talking, of getting blamed, of getting in trouble.

    "1 week ban" Alright, good job. You pushed me FARTHER to wanting to quit the game now.

    I really like this wikia, I really do, but...

    All I do is stand here watching others do all the stuff I WANT to do.

    And when I try

    Its already done.

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  • Spicydankmemer

    So, some may have been wondering for the Autumn Breeze if its a mine or a upgrader.

    Well, its both. You see, when you look closely at the catergories on Autumn Breeze, you may see a new Mingrader catergory.

    Thats because some people and I were wondering in a blog post's comment section the same question I said for the first sentence.

    Yes this may be a short and very short blog post. But seriously, its a update.

    When you have found a mingrader without the catergory, tell me to add it.

    Thanks for seeing this blog post even though it was short but you probably skipped it just to comment to get a badge, like I care...err...bye.

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  • Spicydankmemer

    hoi im temmie

    October 17, 2016 by Spicydankmemer

    and dis mah friend....




    plz nu delet i needed dis for a badge :c

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