I'm supposed to be playing Miners Haven but this one person keeps stealing my ore.

Is it TheMiner27?

Yeah TheMiner27.

Whos TheMiner27?

Some say he was the first ever MH player.

Born from ore.

Some say he can proccess ore faster than a Heavenly Conveyer.

I'm supposed to be editing The MH Wikia but someone keeps stealing my ideas.

Is it TheEdit27?

Yeah TheEdit27.

Whos TheEdit27?

Some say he was the first ever MH editor.

Born from edits.

Some say he can edit pages faster than a bot.

Im supposed to be posting memes but this person keeps stealing my memes.

Is it TheMeme27?

Yeah TheMeme27.

Whos TheMeme27?

Some say he was the first person to post a meme.

Born from memes.

Some say he can post memes faster than Sanic.

Im supposed to be hacking but this hacker hacks my account.

Is it TheHacker27?

Yeah TheHacker27.

Whos TheHacker27?

Some say he was the first ever hacker.

Born from hax.

Some say he can h4x you faster than you can even type this.

Im supposed to be playing Murder Mystery 2 but this person keeps stabbing me.

Is it TheMurder27?

Yeah TheMurder27.

Whos TheMurder27?

Some say he was the first murderer.

Born from the blood of the innocents.

Some say he can kill the sheriff automaticly at the start of a round.

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