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  • Stret1311


    August 18, 2016 by Stret1311

    Could you stop adding kinda pointless information or articles ? Such like the 3 on The Undertaker , Here whe need to have information , how it works, creator , limit, and other stuff. Not some information that somebody that wants to know about the item really needs like Its the only item full caps locked ,   Its name makes sense because undertakes money , Whe dont want this kind of information, and in some refined items ,whe already know that all of they are reborn - proof, dont add it , bcus its not needed

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  • Stret1311

    Tips for first life !

    August 15, 2016 by Stret1311

    If you are new on this game and need a setup for any of these cash ammounts  and you can afford / get enough money for it , you are at teh right place!

    need setup for K :

    Place 5 ore purifiers ( or fine points if you cannot afford it ) 

    Get 3-5 large ore upgraders

    Get a lot of silver mines

    get an ore scanner

    Get a advanced furnac

    Place 5 basic conveyors, place silver mines, place purifiers, then place large ore upgraders, then place advanced furnace

    Millions ? 

    get like, 50 coal mines and 50 basic conveyors

    use the setup up there to get an cell incinerator and a industrial ruby mine

    Place the industrial ruby mine dropping at the cell incinerator and use the coal mines to fuel it, use a ore pulsar to avoid getting stuck on money because of clogs.


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