If you are new on this game and need a setup for any of these cash ammounts  and you can afford / get enough money for it , you are at teh right place!

need setup for K :

Place 5 ore purifiers ( or fine points if you cannot afford it ) 

Get 3-5 large ore upgraders

Get a lot of silver mines

get an ore scanner

Get a advanced furnac

Place 5 basic conveyors, place silver mines, place purifiers, then place large ore upgraders, then place advanced furnace

Millions ? 

get like, 50 coal mines and 50 basic conveyors

use the setup up there to get an cell incinerator and a industrial ruby mine

Place the industrial ruby mine dropping at the cell incinerator and use the coal mines to fuel it, use a ore pulsar to avoid getting stuck on money because of clogs.

Early billions ?

OPTION A : Use the plutonium excavator setup to get a digital ore cleaner. then go to 'trillions', if you get a rainbow upgrader, just skip this stage

Option B : It is not very easy because you need a industrial rainbow mine and pirates loot collector, just make the millions setup with  these 2 items instead, SUCH bether than option a and can give you enough money to make a early trillions setup. 

Mid- billions setup

If you used option A of the early billions setup, Loop the digital ore cleaner, after the ores in the loop reach 100m ( the cap )    send it trough nomoney cap upgraders, that will get enough money to a big early trillions setup soon ! if you have a rainbow upgrader you dont need to get a digital ore cleaner, ( great ), if you used option B, skip this.   

Early trillions setup :

Get 14 way up highs. 8 digital cleaners, 2 advanced ore scanners And  5 precision refiners

Use diamond mines, like, 5, they are smaller and will not clog up on the third stage

Get the  diamond mines dropping into a teleporter sender at an corner

At another corner,  start making it, place the receiver facing one of the 2 corners it does can face, place the converter to avoid ores falling out, 1 ore magnifier, then the precision refiners, after it, manage to get ores to the left side of the conveyor so will avoid clogs when going on ramp  ( tips : use a corner or tiny conveyors ! ) , place the way up highs, then place the digital cleaners, Then no money cap upgraders, ( ore zappers, the advanced ore scanners, or portable ore advancers ) Leading to a heavenly forge, or any bether furnace, if you can afford it.

Kinda cheap if you got into trillions, here it goes: early quaddrillions setup 

The same setup, but after the digital ore cleaners, manage to make the ores reach the center of the conveyor ( Tip : make a corner by using a ore ramp then a plasma conveyor leading to the side you want to the ores go ) Then place enough freon blast upgraders untill it reach its cap, and at the end, use a sacrificial cell instead, very simple , maybe this part will take some time, but get 9-13 schrodingers ( i recomend 11 ) , 4 orbital upgraders, and 3 flaming scanners

The next setup will take SO MUCH TIME, But if you are patient, congratz, you got enough money to reborn : quintrillions setup :O

Place 3 cursed ore purifiers, send the ore to the center any possible way, use 25 freon blast upgraders, then the schrodingers, then again, no limit upgraders, but THIS TIME, An large ore ramp leading to a ore replicator, that will double the money you get, as most of the ores will not survive schrods, and if an good ore comes, which its very unlikely, of curs u wanna get double . then after it the flaming scanners then a dream- maker as furnace, when you get enough money to, buy a shrine of penitence and use it as the furnace. If you get upgraders like lunar refiners, alien relics and others, Great ! it will help a lot, but dont use chemical refiner UNLESS If you get a freon sprayer, if you do so, use it after the flaming scanners, then the chemical refiner and the furnace, otherwise it will get destroyed because of fire / poison. Then you place painite mines leading to a teleporter anywhere and wait until you get 25 qn and reborn ! you may get some items that will help, when you get a Big bad blaster, lightning bolt refiner or dragon blaster, make a loop of it, will give you very fast reborn ! hope this helps.

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