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  • Superdave100

    step by step tutorial pls, its been quite a long time


    Jokes aside, (hope I don't get banned for breaking a rule or something) how are you all doing? Has the game received a major update lately? I'm dying to know, I haven't had access to an electronic device all summer.

    Either way, just stopping by to say hi.


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  • Superdave100

    Broken Items

    November 17, 2016 by Superdave100

    I know for a fact that Ore Cannon is broken, but I don't know for sure if Jump Pad, Thrust Pad, or Ore Collider are broken either. Can someone check? I haven't had time to play recently. :) Thanks.

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  • Superdave100

    I was just browsing the wiki, and I came across Wood Flooring.

    Ores are destroyed when they touch the baseplate, right?

    So can't you, in theroey, use flooring to protect ores from despawning? Sounds kind of stupid, but I wonder If I can do anything with that.

    yay first blog post

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