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    RIP Miner Haven Wikia

    August 6, 2016 by This net

    So yeah. I've come back after a 2 weeks to find that this wikia has... died. There is nothing else i can use to describe this but 'dead' as it is! Mods are mostly inactive, users aren't chatting to eachother and anyone who IS active is just vandalising everything. How I can desribe this wikia page without it being 'dead' is a failure. Reasons I say this are: 1. This is based off a game in a site filled to the brim with games, some just like it! 2. There doesn't seem to be enough content to truely keep the community afloat. 3. This is made by ONE PERSON, so updates will be small with only a few items and they'll have a long wait inbetween updates.

    This is a great site for anyone who plays MH alot but it's not going to last for long until it'…

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