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  • UnidentifiedError

    Sandbox blog

    April 28, 2016 by UnidentifiedError

    Just testing stuff here

    |action=edit}} expanding it]. Remember to read the Rules and Editing Guidelines before you do so!}}

    How to create:

    { {Ambox | image = [ [Image:picture|50px] ] | border = orange | type = "Text" | info = Add desc here} } (Remove the spaces between the braces and brackets.)

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  • UnidentifiedError

    "The fails we had, the rages we endured. We will use that to our adventage - An unlucky person"

    Some people are just not lucky when it comes to unboxing. I, unfourtunately, am one of them. Through the rages I endured, I will present you with any interesting stories that has happened over the lifetime of miner's havenm

    And now with our poll: (screw the poll)

    Thank you for reading this rather-quick blog post.

    Wow, I'm very lazy... So yea. Noting much had happened yet. Except for the vin- OK pretty much everyone knows now. Also did some quick rebirths, nothing useful (except for the bbb)

    You're daily unboxing fails (or wins)

    Not much else to type here


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