"The fails we had, the rages we endured. We will use that to our adventage - An unlucky person"

Some people are just not lucky when it comes to unboxing. I, unfourtunately, am one of them. Through the rages I endured, I will present you with any interesting stories that has happened over the lifetime of miner's havenm

And now with our poll: (screw the poll)

Thank you for reading this rather-quick blog post.

Log 1 4/12/16

Wow, I'm very lazy... So yea. Noting much had happened yet. Except for the vin- OK pretty much everyone knows now. Also did some quick rebirths, nothing useful (except for the bbb)

You're daily unboxing fails (or wins)

Also, beware of the shoutguestation ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

That's pretty much all.

RobloxScreenShot04102016 125710155 (2)

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Log 2 4/29/16

So. It happened. The tixicator has bee nunboxed. Praise lrod berezaa. May your future be guided by lord bereza. THE END.

Ok, jk ,it's not the end, but the tixicator is at my disposal (ironically i got it 4/28 when i woke up in a regular)

Your unboxing fails/wins (i got too lazy to trim the photos)

  • I never trust unreals.
  • I never wanted it
  • Free zombies are welcome in my collection.
  • Those triple infinites though....
  • rthhhhjhyrROU;liFOGFuH

Not much else to type here


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