"The Utopian Refiner sees value in all ores. It offers a massive upgrade and sends you on your way."


The Utopian Refiner is a Slipstream-tier upgrader that was released in The Ultimate Update. It multiplies ore value by 20x. Its counterpart is Dystopian Refiner.


  • The purple stripes on the Utopian Refiner are actually recolor parts, which change color depending on the color of your factory.
  • The description says "upgrades and sends you on your way" as if it were talking about the player.
  • Due to its extremely low upgrade counter in comparison to the Overlord Device, it can prove useful in setups involving the Blind Justice.
  • Berezaa buffed this item to 20x in the "Rainy Friday Morning" Twitch stream. This change was published in the "100 Mil" update.