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VIP Servers (Previously known as Private Islands) is a rental perk in Miner's Haven worth R$85 every month you wish to have it active. It allows to play Miner's Haven on your own island, and awards you a Pineapple Refiner, 100uC, and a few (3) Unreal Boxes. VIP Servers were added in the Outdoors Update. Because the price was originally going to be much lower, Play Solo was released on 5/21/2016.

Private Islands

Private Islands were worth R$10 and buying it only for your first week you would get a Pineapple Refiner. This was removed because it was known to delete your base and everything in it. Berezaa had wanted to bring it back during the Spooky Update, but it did not happen.

According to Berezaa's Twitter, Private Islands were actually shut down due to what was arguably a more critical glitch than a total loss of all things deployed on your base: the ability to duplicate entire items, up to and including highest-tier items. The validity of this statement has never been confirmed as it technically conflicts with the above other reason Private Islands were removed.


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