"The great volcango burns any ores that manage to enter it at x150. July 2016 item."


The Volcango is an Exotic-tier furnace that was added on July 4th, 2016.

It accepts and processes any ores, including heavily upgraded ores and normally non-compatible ores, making it an alternative to the Blind Justice.

It is considered to be a furnace with the shape of a cell furnace, as the Volcango accepts upgraded ores and ores not usually accepted by cell furnaces.

The only downside to the Volcango is that when using it as a normal furnace connected by an Ore Cannon, ores can often miss. This can be limited if wall segments are placed and the average place for the landing of ores when using an ore cannon is where the Volcango is located.


  • In the Berezaa Games forums, there's a user named Volcango.
  • The Volcango and the Wubium Mine were the 2 exotics released on July 4, 2016 and were extended until the end of August.

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