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How the wikia was started

The Miner's Haven Wikia's original domain was (which now redirects here). It was founded by the user Simbee but he hadn't  edited the wikia since November 2015. The exact date the wikia was created is unknown but it was before June 23rd 2015.

This date was discovered in the history of the dropperinfo page. Dropperinfo was the original infobox used on this wikia, it was the only infobox, it was used on all types of pages although it was designed for dropper pages. Dropperinfo used the old wikia markup (it was a non-portable infobox although the newer markup was available).

Nuking of the old wiki and creation of this one (2/11/16)

Mettaton8 was one of the only active admins and he desired to appoint new moderators to handle vandalism but he needed the Bureaucrat rank to do so. Simbee was the only Bureaucrat in this wikia so Mettaton8 thought moving the wikia to a new domain was the only answer. TheWikiaEditMachine did several google searches on how to make the move successful. He created a test wikia to upload imports of MH wikia pages. He imported most pages from the old wikia (he cut off spam pages or pages that weren't necessary). Within a week after the move announcement, the Wikia staff fulfilled Mettaton's request to "nuke" the old wikia.

Looking back at the move

Although TheWikiaEditMachine and Mettaton8 imported all the necessary pages, so many assets were lost including images, review videos at were uploaded onto many pages, and achievements. Moving the wikia was not the answer for appointing new admins. On wikia you can adopt wikias if the community agress with the idea or if the community or admins/Bureaucrats in it are abandoned. Mettaton8 could've adopted the old wikia and nothing would've been lost.

Bill Cipher Incident (3/1/16-3/5/16)

A full log of his "contributions" can be found here

A user who was called Bill cipher, (Who was also Mettaton's brother) started a takeover of the wiki, using Mettaton's account to gain admin rights. On March 1st, 2016 he created the page "BILL CIPHER " which was promptly deleted, and only exists now because of historical value. On March 3rd, he changed the news board into the "bill cipher board".and  changed the description of the q&a board.

On March 4th, the day he began a full-out assault, changed Wikiedit's user page,  the same thing to another 's,  changed the main page many times, changed the storage conveyor page. A battle then occurred in chat, ending up with both Mettaton and Bill banned. (Mettaton wrongly) by wikia staff. On March 5th, TheWikiaEditMachine and Helper Rick tried to chat on the Miner's Haven wikia about how to deal with Bill but he kept spamming the chat.

The two fled to the War Games Wikia which he didn't know about, while the two were chatting, at 11:41am EST on March 5th, it was confirmed that the wikia staff came in and global blocked Bill. It was thought that he was permanently banned but he was unblocked the next month. TheWikiaEditMachine sent an adoption form on the community wikia to adopt the Miner's Haven wikia and received Bureaucrat on March 19th, 2016.

Koolandre Incident(7/2-7/9)

Koolandre64 vandalizied the wiki with terrible things. It is suspected that he has alts and could return.

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