"Removes negative status effects from ore such as fire and radiation. Ignores the effects of the Ore Illuminator. What else it does is unknown..."


The Wild Spore is a Reborn-tier item that removes any negative status effects, such as fire and radiation from an ore. The item was nerfed to count as an upgrade in an unidentified past update. It also upgrades depending on the ore value.


  • The effects of multiple Spores do not stack together, so if an ore finishes the limit on one spore, a new spore can still multiply the ore value, even without a Tesla Resetter. However, this does not appear to work with higher level ores.
  • The mushroom that is in the conveyor has no collision. Therefore, it does not stop ores.
  • The Azure Spore, which is a fusion between the Azure Refiner and Wild Spore, sports the wedge-shaped upgrade part of the Wild Spore as well as several fungi on the model.
  • Though the description of the upgrader says "Ignores the effects of the Ore Illuminator", ores will be destroyed if it touches the upgrader before the 5 second time is up.
  • The Wild Spore is the first of the four spore-related items to be added into the game, the second being Azure Spore, the third being Deadly Spore, and the fourth being Vampire Spore.