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"A mighty frozen upgrader that treats ores at every level with love. 2016 Holiday Exotic."


The Winterheart is a Winter Exotic way-up-high upgrader with the appearance of a snowy tree. It comes with the following effects:

  • Ores with negative ore value are automatically bumped up to $1B.
  • Ore worth more than $0 but less than $500 has their ore value squared (multiplied by itself).
  • Ore worth anywhere between $500 and $10M has their ore value multiplied by 5 (which can be looped until it reaches $10M).
  • Ores worth more than $10M have their value multiplied by 3. However, this only happens once, twice with a Tesla Resetter, or three times with the Ultimate Sacrifice.


  • Winterheart is the second upgrader in Miner's Haven to have a variety of effects for many orevalue ranges; the first being the Ghost of Christmas Past.
  • Winterheart is the first upgrader capable of exponentially increasing ore value, although it only does so on ore worth less than $500. 500 * 500 = 250K. Exponents on high-value ores would be overpowered. Example: 1T * 1T = 1Sp.
  • The giant tree located on the upgrader isn't collidable, meaning you and any ore can go through it. 
  • Awarded to those who had the Shiny Nicely Wrapped Gift.
  • After the gifts were unboxed with these items, the Winterheart and the Festive Spirit can be obtained from boxes for a couple days.
  • The Winterheart is the second way-up high exotic, the first being The Beehive.

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