"A mysterious material that emits the most powerful earthly light known to man. Illuminates a massive amount of your base at nighttime."


The Worldly Illuminator is currently the third highest costing decoration available, costing $35.3Qn when bought in the shop, only behind Aman The Survivor (that costs $957Qn) and Neon Tree (that costs $6.75sx). Due to its massive lighting radius, you should need no other light source if you have some Worldly Illuminators, being it is the most effective light source in the game.


  • It's one of the first few items to have particle effects in the game.
  • In the actual game the item's name is misspelled ( Worldy instead of Worldly.
  • Even if it is not reborn proof, it will not vanish from your base if you keep it placed (considered decoration item) but it will from your inventory.

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