"Let's get the party started! Wubium's beats periodically activate remote items. July 2016 item."


The Wubium Mine is an Exotic-tier item released on July 4th of 2016 alongside the Volcango furnace. It has a decent ore value and can once in a while activate all remote powered devices without the user manually clicking the remote. It also has an extremely fast ore drop rate at which no other mine is so much as close to, making it useful for the Excalibur.


  • Wubium Mine is one of few droppers in Miner's Haven to have a unique effect. Others include 'Ol Faithful, Santa's Workshop, the Autumn Breeze, and Boomite Mine.
  • Wubium Mine is one of two droppers in Miner's Haven with an effect that doesn't relate to the dropper itself, along with the Spooklord-95,000. It has the ability to activate all remote powered devices without manually click on the remote.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the Wubium Mine can be used with cell furnaces. This is indeed intended and confirmed by Berezaa. However, not all ores are processed.
  • The shade of the ore becomes lighter as it's value increases. The same happens with the Industrial Firecrystal Mine.
  • The Wubium Mine is one of two exotics from the July 4th, 2016 update. The other exotic item is Volcango.
  • Wubium Mine makes a unique sound of Claptrap from Borderlands, followed by a clip from the song Doomsday by Nero whenever it activates remote items.
  • In the August 2016 update, it received a buff where its droprate was increased to be the highest in the game, and its ore value is now in the high millions. Before that, it's ore value was in the low millions and it's droprate was much slower.
  • This mine occasionally sold surprisingly low for an exotic sold by the Masked Man.
  • This can be used as a good replacement for Spitfire Iron Mines if you also have an Excalibur.
  • This mine is the only item in the entire game that plays actual music, but only for ~3 seconds.
  • It is about as good as the Ambrosia Mine and the Remote Ambrosia Mine.
  • The drop of this mine became more controlled as The Resurrection Update or the Autumn Update. (Not sure which made this change)
  • With the "Lifesaving Update", due to ores having not colliding with other ores, this mine can now be more effectively used in Excalibur setups or RP farm setups
  • The Wubium Mine has a drop rate of about 50 - 100 ores per second.
  • When the 100M Visits Update dropped, berezaa buffed Wubium to have its max ore value to be $1B and activate remotes 1/4th of the time.
  • Removing the mine whilst it's "Wubbing" will cause it to not play music when you place it back down. This can be fixed by rejoining. This hasn't been fixed as of 5/14/2018