"A towering furnace built for the biggest mines in the world."


The Yuge Furnace is a Reborn-proof Common-tier item that resembles a tiny replica of the Basic Furnace. The Yuge Furnace is the smallest furnace in the game, despite the item's description and name ironically stating otherwise. The Yuge Furnace processes ore at 10x value.

The Yuge Furnace was developed on Berezaa's Twitch on November 20th, 2016.


  • The word "Yuge" is a term used to refer to how U.S. President Donald J. Trump mispronounces the word "huge" in some of his speeches.
  • Despite the item's description saying otherwise, the Yuge Furnace is extremely tiny, similarly to the Yuge Iron Mine.
  • Though the hitbox is 1x1, the actual structure of the furnace only takes up approximately 1/4 of a unit.
  • The code used to obtain this, "WEARENUMBER", precedes the word "one" to create the term "WE ARE NUMBER ONE", referencing a song in the Children's T.V. show Lazy Town.
  • This furnace has as smaller multiplier than the The Dream-Maker, so it is actually a decently powerful furnace. However, it's incredibly small size makes it harder to use.
    • In terms of accessibility, the Yuge Furnace was easier to obtain.
  • This is the third "troll item" added to the game, after THE UNDERTAKER, and the Heavenly Conveyor.