"An iron mine so large it puts the Massive Iron Mine to shame."


The Yuge Iron Mine is a Reborn-proof Common-tier dropper that resembles a tiny replica of the Basic Iron Mine. The Yuge Iron Mine is the smallest mine in the game, despite the description ironically stating otherwise. The Yuge Iron Mine's orevalue is $1k, landing the Yuge Iron Mine the second most valuable mine out of all iron mines in the game, including the Massive Iron Mine, behind the Tiny Iron Mine.

The Yuge Iron Mine was developed on Berezaa's Twitch on November 20th, 2016.


  • The word "Yuge" is a term used to refer to how U.S. President Donald J. Trump mispronounced the word "huge" in one of his speeches.
  • This item, along with the Yuge Furnace, is the first ever reborn-proof common-tier item and the smallest utility item to be added to the game.
  • Despite the item's description saying otherwise, the Yuge Iron Mine is extremely tiny.
  • A Conveyor Ramp is required for the ore from this mine to hit a Portable Flamethrower. If a ramp is not supplied, the ore will go beneath the upgrader.
  • The code "WHAN" continues from the code "WEARENUMBER" to create the term "WE ARE NUMBER ONE", a popular song in the Children's T.V. show Lazy Town.
  • The Yuge Iron Mine produces the second smallest ore in the game, only being outclassed by the Onyx Mine with its minimum of 0.1 cubic stud ores.
  • Also due to its hitbox, the Yuge Iron Mine is the smallest mine to produce ore in the game.
  • Though the hitbox is 1x1, the actual structure of the mine only takes up about 1/4 of a unit.
  • This is the 5th "troll" item added to the game, coming after "THE UNDERTAKER", "Heavenly Conveyor", "Spinnerite Mine", and its counter part, the "Yuge Furnace".
  • This mine's ore is the only ore that can avoid the fine-point of The Catalyst.