"A monstrous merge of mine and machine. Promises great profits to those who can harness its unpredictable ore."


The Yunium Mine is a Reborn-tier mine that was released on April 28th, 2016 and was first unveiled on Berezaa's Twitter. Yunium Mine has the same rebirth requirement as a Newtonium Mine but has a lower droprate and a lower orevalue. However, unlike said mine, it can be used with cell furnaces.

Ores that come from the Yunium Mine are produced at a random angle downwards, thus being somewhat difficult to use. Many use the Yunium Mine on Nature's Grip, as it can earn quadrillions (qd). It also can be used on The Fracture in which case can earn quintillions (Qn) or the Cell Particalizer, as it can earn sextillions (sx). For confusion about cash; Cash Suffixes.

Another method is using it with the Thingamajig. This is better than using it on the Nature's Grip but not as good as using it on the Cell Particalizer or The Fracture or  Dreamer's Anguish. Therefore the best cell furnace to use the Yunium Mine on is (left to right): Cell ParticalizerThe FractureThingamajigNature's Grip.


  • Like the Atomium Mine, the Yunium Mine's ore used to not be able to go up ramps. This has been fixed.
  • The Yunium Mine, the Orbital Antimatter Uplink, Wubium Mine (due to the very fast drop), Symmetrium Mine and the massive mines are the only droppers that work with cell furnaces that can drop ore straight into The Fracture.
  • The Yunium Mine can drop ore directly into a Big Bertha.
  • Using cell furnaces with the Yunium Mine can give players a massive jump-start, boosting players to trillions, quadrillions (qd), or even higher.
  • This is one of three mines that drops ores in random positions, the others being Spooklord-95,000 and the Orbital Antimatter Uplink.
  • The Yunium Mine is a quick way to rebirth for low lifers.