"Surprise your visitors with a visit from your friend, Clowny the undead clown! A relic of the 2016 Halloween Event."


The Zombie Clown is a Collectible-tier reskin for the Undead Guardian, similar to the Undead Santa, Easter Bunny, and Adowable Guardian. One of the 4 Guardian Re-skins.

There is also something pretty interesting about the Zombie Clown. When the Zombie Clown is placed, after about a second of it being placed, it makes this interesting sound that sounds somewhat of a fast heart beat mixed the laugh from the Happy Mask Salesman from the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, similar to the Undead Guardian.


  • The clown reskin was most likely from the killer clown incidents that occurred the summer to fall of 2016, it's not ROBLOX appropriate to get more into it.
  • Compared to a normal Undead Guardian, the Zombie Clown has slightly faster speed, a higher jump, and does more damage.
  • This was made as a 'joke submission' by its author, nerd_man.
  • It is one of the few collectibles to be sold within the shop.