"'Words cannot describe the pure horror that this plushie inspires. A relic from the 2015 Halloween Event."


Another version of the Doge Plushie, only available at Halloween. Serves no other use than for decoration.


  • This item is a variant of Giant Doge Plushie, a Refined-tier item.
  • This item, in a smaller size, is a limited hat in the ROBLOX catalog which, as of 07/19/2017, sells for 13,000 R$- at its best price. You can find that hat here.
  • In one of berezaa's Twitch streams, berezaa launched a strawpoll asking fans what a new code should give. The Zombie Doge Plushie was listed, but was overruled by the Ancient Conveyor and the Inferno Box.

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